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The catalytic converter filters out the harmful carbon monoxide produced by an engine and turns it into carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water for safe release into the atmosphere. For some vehicles, this just keeps the vehicle running well and helps keep the environment clean. For other vehicles, a smog check is a required part of the inspection process.

Expert services:

- Smog analysis

- Computer diagnostics

- Replacement

- Repair and maintenance

- Oxygen sensor repair

- Catalytic converter cleaning

- Complete exhaust service and repair

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Know the exact cause of your problem by bringing your vehicle in today. We’ll check it over, use computer diagnostics if needed, explain everything to you and then give you a detailed and written estimate.  All for FREE!

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Commercial vehicles, especially, must pass smog and emissions check during their annual inspection. Quick-O Muffler & Brake Center is proud to be able to help large trucks, RVs, buses, and more with their catalytic and exhaust issues.