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Custom exhaust for custom cars

Whether you have a regular sedan type car or a fully restored classic hot rod, a custom exhaust system is the perfect accessory. Not only do custom exhausts make a vehicle run better, but they sound amazing riding down the road. Stop in to find out what kind of options we have available for your vehicle.

Why go with a custom system?

- Made specifically for your vehicle type

- Improved air flow

- Cooler running temperatures

- Improved emissions

- Noise control

- Increased gas mileage

- Better vehicle performance overall

- Improved vehicle appearance

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Low Prices


Here at Quick-O Muffler & Brake Center we’ve made sure that our prices are super low. We’ll even guarantee that we have the lowest price in town. Let us know if you find the same service with the same top quality parts for a lower price somewhere else.

Authorized dealer of Magnaflow Performance Exhaust and Flowmaster.

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Keep your exhaust and catalytic converter running in optimal condition with expert service. You'll find auto repair and diesel vehicle service here at Quick-O Muffler & Brake Center.