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When you have a large recreational or commercial vehicle, it’s not always easy to find a shop that can accommodate it. It is often hard to find a mechanic who has the knowledge to work on larger or diesel engines. Quick-O Muffler & Brake Center has experts available for all types of vehicles. With over 37 years in the business, if we can’t fix it, we know someone who can!

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- Cars

- Trucks

- SUVs

- Semis

- Dump trucks

- RVs

- Buses

- Oversized trucks

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Quick-O Muffler & Brake Center has been a family owned company for over 37 years. The current owners are Patricia Gaddis and son, Tom Gaddis Jr.  Come let this amazing team give you the service you deserve.

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We’re proud to offer brake service, exhaust repair, catalytic converters, and other general repair services to all our larger vehicle customers.